White-tailed Deer Facts

National Geographic – White-tailed Deer

Nature Works – White-tailed Deer 

American Expedition – Whitetail Deer Facts, Trivia, Information, & Photos


Non-Lethal / Non-Violent Methods of Deer Management

Wildlife Contraceptives, Fertility Control, & Sterilization

New York Times – A Kinder, Gentler Way to Thin the Deer Herd

Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control

City of Hastings, NY Deer Immunocontraception Project

Popular Science – Birth Control for Animals

Clifton Deer Fertility Control Pilot Program

Undark – Birth Control for Bambi

Learning to Live with Wildlife

Responsible Policies for Animals – Deer Kills: A Bad Idea


PZP Vaccine

Porcine Zona Pellucida Vaccine

The Science and Conservation Center – PZP Vaccine

SpayVac for Humane Wildlife Population Control


Wildlife Crossings

ARC – Animal Road Crossings

The Denver Post – Animals Are Using Colorado’s Wildlife Crossings, Reducing Collisions

City Lab – Animals Need Infrastructure Too

My Modern Met – Bridges for Animals to Safely Cross Freeways are Popping Up Around the World


Deer-Vehicle Accidents


Gardening with Deer & Other Native Wildlife

Deer Resistant Plants

Rutgers University – Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance

Farmer’s Almanac – Deer-Proof Your Garden Naturally

Garden Design – The Best Deer Resistant Plants for your Garden

Better Homes & Gardens – Top Deer Resistant Plants for Your Region

HGTV – 24 Deer Resistant Plants 


Deer Fencing & Deer Repellents

Make The Most Effective Fence to Keep Deer Out of the Garden

Effective Wildlife Solutions – Wanting to Get Rid of Deer?

Effective Wildlife Solutions – Natural Ways to Create Deer Repellent

Dealing with Deer – Electronic, Natural, and Other Deer Repellents

Deer Repellents available locally:

  • Deer Off Stakes (available at Lowe’s)
  • Liquid Fence®
  • Plantskydd®

Both of the latter options are available in liquid and granular formulations at Iowa City Landscaping.


Nature & Health

BBC – How Nature is Good for Our Health and Happiness

Utne Reader – How Nature Heals Us

National Geographic – This Is Your Brain On Nature

Stanford University – Stanford Researchers Find Mental Health Prescription: Nature

Business Insider – 11 Scientific Reasons You Should be Spending More Time Outside

Psychiatry Advisor – The Mental Health Benefits of Nature Exposure

For information about Lyme disease, please visit our page specifically dedicated to this topic.


Iowa City / Coralville Resources

Backyard Abundance

Iowa City Landscaping

Earl May


Orscheln’s Farm & Home



Iowa Wildlife Rehabilitators