Our Mission

Iowa City Deer Friends seeks to support and promote a peaceful and sustainable coexistence between humans, deer, and other native wildlife through education and empowerment.

First and foremost, we do not believe killing deer is an effective means of sustainable, long term deer population management.

We advocate for non-lethal, non-violent wildlife management and promote a peaceful coexistence with deer and all wildlife, which can be accomplished using education, alternative deer-resistant landscaping (such as native plants), wrapping young trees, fences, netting, speed limits and warning signs, buy-back programs for landscaping, flashers and other things that deter deer from crossing roadways.

We believe in education and prevention as long term, peaceful, progressive solutions that don’t divide neighbors. Likewise, we support public education about deer resistant/repellent plantings, fencing options, and repellents. Education is key toward empowering citizens to protect their plants.

We propose taking advantage of our highly educated citizenry, informed local resources, and our reputation for education and progressive thinking by implementing non-lethal, long term solutions to the real or perceived deer/human conflict in Iowa City.

We, as Iowa Citians, pride ourselves in being well-educated and informed, progressive, creative, inclusive, “when they go low, we go high” people who are innovative and think outside the box, and encourage our fellow Iowa Citians to do the same.

Please visit our Resources page for dozens of helpful links with information about how we may learn to peacefully coexist with our native wildlife.