IC Deer Management Committee

Via icgov.org:

Iowa City is currently considering a proposed sharpshooting approach to reduce the growing population of deer within city limits.

In February 2018, City Council directed staff to request permission of the Iowa Natural Resources Commission to allow the City to cull the deer herd this upcoming winter by means of sharpshooting.  The City managed its deer population for approximately 10 years by means of sharp shooting from 2000 to 2010.  The Iowa Natural Resources Commission denied the City’s request in May and suggested that the City seek input from the community.  Staff organized an informal committee consisting of staff members and community members to hear from the community at a public forum and to report back to City Council.


Below is a list of the members of the Iowa City City Deer Population Management Committee.

Per information provided by ICPD Sgt. Derek Frank, the members of the committee were identified by various City staff to participate and were not appointed by the council.


City Deer Population Management Committee

Sue Dulek

Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office




Liz Ford

Animal Services Supervisor, Animal Services




Juli Seydell Johnson

Director, Parks and Recreation




Derek Frank

Sergeant, Police Department




Bill Campbell

Captain, Police Department




Brian Mildenstein

Bow Hunter/Iowa City Resident


Jan Ashman

Johnson County Humane Society/Previous Deer Committee Member/Iowa City Resident


Ana Arnold

East Side Iowa City Resident


Laura Goddard

Friends of Hickory Hill Park/East Side Iowa City Resident


Erin Irish

West Side Iowa City Resident